心血管治疗 & 服务

冰球突破的心血管专家团队在心脏病学护理的各个方面提供丰富的经验:无创心脏病学, 介入性心脏病学, 和电生理学. 每个医生都有自己独特的视角,在心脏病的检测和治疗方面提供专业的护理, 周围血管疾病, 以及心脏疾病.


Our team also includes advanced expertise in complete interventional cardiac care, 包括心导管, 冠状动脉介入手术, 介入外周血管手术. 冰球突破在约克提供办公地点, 井, 和纽因顿(以前称为海岸心脏病学),并在其中一些地点和冰球突破提供检测和治疗.


A test that uses ultrasound to detect 周围血管疾病. 这个测试使用多普勒结合一系列的手臂和腿部血压袖带来测量四肢的血流量. 这项测试最常用于确定腿部疼痛是否是腿部循环不良(跛行)的结果。. Because these tests use ultrasound and not x-rays, they are completely safe. 这些程序不需要任何准备.

($100)* This includes screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), 颈动脉疾病, atrial fibrillation and peripheral artery disease (PAD). 依靠冰球突破的专家来评估你的整体心血管健康,报名参加冰球突破的低成本项目, 预防性心血管健康检查! Each 1/2 hour appointment will provide screenings for the most life-threatening vascular diseases. 预约是必要的. 打电话给冰球突破的心脏健康护理小组 (207) 351-2424 了解更多信息. *These screenings may not be covered by Medicare or other


这种测试通常被称为Echo. 它使用声波(超声波)来产生移动, two-dimensional (2D) image of the patient’s beating heart on a video screen. It is a painless procedure that does not use x-rays and is completely safe. The physician can study the heart’s size and function, the motion and structure of the four heart valves and measure the direction and speed of blood flow. The test takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to perform. 无需准备.

EKG是一种通过放置在皮肤特定位置的电极显示心脏电活动的图形. 病人心脏产生的电活动由心电图机处理,然后打印在特殊的方格纸上,随后由医生解释. This is a painless process that requires no preparation and takes approximately 10-15 minutes to perform.
这是不罕见的患者有症状,不经常发生,并没有记录24小时动态心电图. This test is similar to a Holter monitor except it is meant to be worn for several days. Instead of the entire 24 hours of EKG information being stored, 事件记录仪只存储或“循环”最后40-60秒的心电图,直到患者出现症状. 然后,患者按下记录器上的一个按钮,“冻结”存储在记忆中的当前40-60秒的心电图,并额外记录15-20秒的心电图. The recorder then locks this information in its memory, and goes back to the ‘loop’ mode to wait for the button to be pressed again if there is another event. 通常可以在记录器中保存五个事件. The event can be transmitted by phone to Cardiology to allow us to look at what has been recorded. The recorder is then reset and ready to record additional events if needed. 病人 are shown how to connect themselves to allow them to sleep and bathe. 记录仪通常保存1 - 2周.
一个连续, 24小时心电图(EKG)记录心律,以确定是否存在心律紊乱以及是否需要治疗. This test is done most commonly for one of three reasons: a patient feels one or more of these disturbances such as palpitations (ectopy) or rapid heart rate (tachycardia); a patient is having symptoms (such as dizziness or fainting) which may be due to tachycardia and/or bradycardia (slow heart rate); To determine if a patient’s pacemaker or defibrillator is working properly. 一副扑克牌大小的便携式数字记录仪通过5个粘接电极连接到患者的胸部. This device records every heartbeat over the 24-hour period it is worn. When it is returned, the information is scanned by special computer software. 给病人写日记,记录日常活动,使症状和活动与记录相关联.
A 压力的回声 is a non-invasive test that combines two tests, a treadmill test and an echocardiogram. 在已知病人的心电图不能提供足够的诊断信息或医生怀疑以前的压力测试是假阳性的情况下,使用该测试. 超声心动图的增加有助于提高测试的准确性,因为它提供了关于心脏在运动过程中的额外机械信息. Echo images are taken before and immediately after 锻炼. These images are then interpreted along with the EKG at the end of the test.
A minimally invasive echocardiogram that offers very clear images of the heart’s structures and valves, 没有胸壁和肺部的干扰. This procedure requires that a probe be passed down the esophagus (much like a gastroscope), except it uses ultrasound instead of a light source and camera. 考试总时间约为1小时. 病人在午夜之后需要禁食. The time that the probe is in the body is typically about 10 to 15 minutes. An IV is started to administer sedation to make the patient comfortable during the procedure. 如果测试是作为门诊程序进行的, 病人需要安排回家的交通工具.
This test evaluates the heart’s response to 锻炼 using a treadmill. It is used primarily to determine if a patient has coronary artery disease. The heart’s electrical activity is continuously monitored using an electrocardiograph (EKG). The treadmill 锻炼 portion of the test is staged. The treadmill starts at a very slow walking pace and at a slight uphill grade. Every three minutes the speed and grade are increased. During the 锻炼 portion of the test, a physician is present. 该测试的目标是实现年龄调整后的目标心率,以使测试在统计上可靠. The physician will discuss the results of the test with the patient immediately afterward. 整个过程需要30 - 45分钟, with the 锻炼 portion typically lasting 6-12 minutes. Depending on the reason for the treadmill, some medications should not be taken before the test. It is important to discuss this with your physician prior to the day of the test.
  • 这是一种特殊类型的心电图,它观察心脏电活动的一个非常具体的方面. It is used as a screening tool to assess a patient’s risk for a certain type of rhythm abnormality. 它通常与压力测试一起进行.
This is a painless technique using ultrasound for visualizing arteries and veins. It is a generic term that includes tests such as Carotid Ultrasound, 静脉超声和动脉超声. 这些程序有时被称为双工血管超声,因为信息通常以两种不同的方式显示. One is an image that displays the cross sectional anatomy of the blood vessel being studied. It is what is typically thought of as an ultrasound image (like the baby pictures of a pregnancy). 另一种是所谓的多普勒. This is a two dimensional visual display of the speed and direction of blood flow within a vessel, similar to doppler weather maps that display cloud movements overlaid on a map. Doppler allows us to determine if blood flow has slowed, 由于疾病而在血管中逆转或停止,并准确测量疾病的严重程度.


冰球突破著名的心脏科 & Vascular Catheterization Lab provides cardiac catheterizations, 电生理学研究, 还有消融和血管 & 心脏血管造影术. 除了, 冰球突破是缅因州仅有的四家进行经皮冠状动脉介入治疗(冠状动脉球囊/支架置入术)的医院之一。.


纽约医院s’ Cardiology team also offers electrophysiology as a specialty. 如果发现心律问题, 医生和团队成员将执行适当的程序,包括植入起搏器(包括双心室)或除颤器.

起搏器 & 植入式除颤器诊所

Pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) are small battery-powered, devices implanted in the chest to regulate the heart’s rate and rhythm. 起搏器的设计是为了纠正心动过缓(心律慢)和ICD的心动过速(心律快)。. 这些装置在冰球突破植入. 使用起搏器和ICD的患者需要检查他们的设备,以监测其设备的临床有效性以及电池和电子设备的状态. 通常每三到四个月就诊一次,但根据几个因素可能会更频繁, 例如设备的使用时间,或者是否需要因患者医疗状况的变化而重新调整设备. Telephone follow-up is also done for pacemaker patients. 病人 use a special transmitter to send their EKG to the clinic by phone. 这使得患者可以方便地在任何有手机的地方检查他们的起搏器,而不必每次都来诊所检查. 通常, an individual will be scheduled for telephone pacer checks once every three months, 每年安排一次诊所就诊.



心肺康复:心肺康复计划的设计是为了满足心肺病人的需要(包括, 但不限于, 那些心脏病发作过的人, 冠状动脉搭桥手术, 慢性阻塞性肺疾病, 或心绞痛)和他们的家人. 该项目结合了教育, 锻炼, 营养咨询, 减压, 行为矫正策略. The goal of Cardiopulmonary 康复中心ilitation is to help patients recover, 恢复正常的日常生活活动,制定积极的生活方式策略,以改善他们未来的健康状况.

We offer specialized clinical 锻炼 and education programs for Cardiac, 肺, 充血性心力衰竭, 糖尿病, 肿瘤学, 骨质疏松症/骨量减少, 脊柱健康与平衡. 冰球突破还提供许多以社区为基础的健康项目, 支持团体, 疾病管理教育, 和更多的.  呼叫 207-351-3700 or 点击此链接获取更多信息.