纽约医院 乳房护理


纽约医院 乳房护理 is a fully accredited American College of Radiology Breast 成像
Center of Excellence.
We are fully accredited in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast 超声波
和 超声波-guided biopsy. We are one of only a few Maine 和 New Hampshire centers designated as a
Center of Excellence.

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What does the ACR Accreditation gold seal mean for 病人?


Early Detection Saves Lives!

A yearly mammogram can increase your chance
of surviving breast cancer by more than 40%.


护理givers at 纽约医院 can’t overstate the importance of this message. Listen here as two members of our 纽约医院 family share their story about the importance of early detection with NEWS CENTER Maine.

Scheduling Your Mammogram & Accessing Your Results

纽约医院 乳房护理 performs screening mammograms in York 和 井, delivering results via mail within a few days of your appointment. In addition, our York location offers appointments with same-day results on Mondays 和 Fridays. (Refer to the specific hours shown at the bottom of the page.)

All patients can view their mammography reports on the Hospital 病人门户 as soon as they are posted. You’ll receive an email alert, typically within two business days, notifying you that your results are available. To register for portal access, download the Account Set-Up Guide or call 医疗记录 at (207) 351-2184.

If there is any area on your exam that requires further evaluation (e.g., additional mammographic images or breast 超声波s), we’ll call you shortly after reading your mammogram. You’ll receive all results at your follow-up appointment.


你知道吗?? Both our York 和 井 乳房护理 Center locations are staffed 专门 by breast fellowship-trained radiologists: Am和a Lewis, DO, Kristen Koconis, MD 和 Eva Lizer, MD.  

The Center is also home to dedicated nurse navigators 和 expert technologists to help you navigate through evaluation 和治疗 needs or to answer any questions you may have along the way. Our specialized breast care nurses will help guide you through the process of detection, 诊断, 和治疗. They are part of our multidisciplinary team, working closely with the radiologist, primary care providers, 肿瘤学家, 外科医生, genetic counselors, clinical trials nurse 和 other health care professionals throughout your journey.  Our multidisciplinary team meets regularly to collaboratively discuss 和 review every patient at 纽约医院 with a new breast cancer 诊断, to develop a treatment plan that is based on current treatment guidelines 和 best practice.

纽约医院’s 乳房护理 services promise you the most accurate 诊断 using the highest quality breast imaging available. We will answer all your questions personally 和 promptly, offering guidance to support treatment decisions based on the best science available. Whether it is a routine mammogram or advanced breast treatment—getting prompt, personal answers 和 expert care is paramount.


The Difference is 3D 乳房x光检查. . .
where we can find breast cancer at its earliest 和 most treatable stage.

纽约医院 乳房护理 is proud to provide the latest in breast cancer screening in both York 和 井. Every patient is imaged with 3D 乳房x光检查 (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis), which allows our breast radiologists to see breast tissue in ways never before possible. Our York 和 井 locations also offer complete breast 超声波 for patients with dense breast tissue, 和 targeted 超声波 if needed, as part of your diagnostic imaging work-up. 另外, our York location provides breast MRI 和 stereotactic (x-ray guided) breast biopsy services.




乳房x光检查: Every 纽约医院 乳房护理 patient receives 3D tomosynthesis mammography, performed by our expert technologists. 3D tomosynthesis mammography is proven to detect on average 41% more invasive breast cancer than 2D alone. 3D tomosynthesis is also proven to reduce call backs by up to 40% compared to 2D alone.


Breast Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound: 纽约医院 乳房护理 has been performing complete breast 超声波 for dense breast tissue for over 10 years, longer than any Breast Center on the Seacoast. This experience results in a lower false positive rate (fewer follow-up exams 和 unnecessary biopsies), 和 an increased cancer detection rate. Adding supplemental complete breast 超声波 in patients who have dense breast tissue mammographically results in increased detection of smaller, node negative breast cancers. Finding these earlier stage breast cancers gives our patients a higher chance of cure.  


乳房核磁共振成像: At 纽约医院 乳房护理, every patient is screened to see if they are at high risk for developing a breast cancer (3-5% of patients typically qualify as high risk). 病人 who are considered at high risk, based on either personal or family history, are offered to have additional screening with breast MRI.  This is typically performed 6 months from your annual screening mammogram.  To learn more about breast MRI click here (Button taking you to our 乳房核磁共振成像 brochure).

Image Guided Biopsy

Image Guided Biopsy: Every physician at 纽约医院 乳房护理 is a board-certified, breast fellowship-trained radiologist who works 专门 as a breast radiologist. This expertise is paramount to performing accurate 和 safe breast biopsies with minimal discomfort. Our breast radiologists perform stereotactic tomosynthesis, 超声波,MRI-guided breast biopsies.

Image Guided Localization

Image Guided Localization: At 纽约医院, our board-certified breast fellowship-trained radiologists also perform breast tumor localization in collaboration with our 外科医生 using MagSeed. MagSeed is a wireless, non-radioactive, inert seed made of surgical-grade stainless steel. The MagSeed is removed by your surgeon during surgery.


纽约医院’s breast care team offers services for our male 和 transgender patients as well. For further information on male breast cancer 和 care for transgender patients, please click the links below.


纽约医院 – Main Campus Location
15 Hospital Drive, York, Maine 03909

Monday–Friday: 7 a.m.–3 p.m.
Occasional 周三s: 7 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

病人 for 乳房护理 should arrive via the Hospital Drive entrance from York Street (directly across from the statue in the center of York Village). Park in the lot on the right 和 use the HANCOCK WING entrance, following the Hancock Hallway directly to 纽约医院’s 乳房护理 Center located at the end of the hallway. Registration is on your right.

The York location offers:  3D digital tomosynthesis mammography, 超声波, 超声波 guided biopsy, stereotactic breast biopsy, all pre-operative MagSeed localizations, 和 full breast MRI services.


纽约医院 in 井的位置
112 桑福德 Road, 井, Maine 04090
(Building B, 2nd Floor)

星期一:早上7点.m.–3 p.m.
周三–Friday: 7 a.m.–3 p.m.
(Closed Tuesdays)

纽约医院’s 乳房护理 Center in 井 is located in BUILDING B on the 井 Campus. Upon entering the campus from 桑福德 Road/Route 109, please bear LEFT at the sign, 和 Building B is on your left. The office is on the second floor.

The 井 location offers:  3D digital tomosynthesis mammography, 超声波, 超声波 guided biopsy 和 超声波 guided pre-operative MagSeed localization.



Appointments are available Monday–Friday in York 和 Monday, 周三, 周四, 和 Friday in 井.
Both locations offer exp和ed morning hours for your convenience.

电话: (207) 351-2023
Fax: (207) 351-2036
电子邮件: [email protected]