-Medical Assistant (MA) Apprentice program
-A special message to our volunteers

纽约医院 is known for providing exceptional patient care 和 our patient surveys prove it! If you enjoy working in a team-focused environment where your input 和 professional judgment are paramount to highly personalized patient care, we’d like to learn more about your professional goals.

The 志愿者 Program at 纽约医院 has a place for everyone. You may be retired, involved in your career, a stay-at-home parent, young or elder, male or female. Our Hospital has varied opportunities for people of all ages 和 backgrounds. 志愿者协助病人, 家庭, 和 staff in many different areas within the hospital 和 its community sites in York, Kittery, 伯威克, 南伯威克, 井, 桑福德, 和Kennebunk.


  • 巡视病人—— talking to patients 和 家庭 around the hospital about their experience while here
  • 医生办公室—— helping where needed in many of our physician practices
  • 桥梁/运输- The Bridges Program at 纽约医院 is a volunteer program that introduces a 纽约医院 patient to someone in the community who provides a weekly check-in 和 helps with grocery shopping, 探访和陪伴, 运输, 或差事.
  • 灵气服务 providing relaxation 治疗 for patients
  • 〇宠物治疗 bringing certified pets in the hospital to visit with patients 和 家庭
  • 文书服务- helping many support services throughout the hospital system with filing 和 general office work
  • 迎宾员/信息- providing a warm greeting at the entrances to 纽约医院 和 providing information
  • 〇餐饮服务 delivering meals to community members or trays 和 snacks to patients in the hospital
  • 〇报纸投递 delivering the daily paper to patients so they can start their day informed
  • 临床领域- assisting the clinical teams in many areas with support services 和 err和s
  • 教牧关怀—— providing spiritual support for those who need guidance
  • 紧急服务- assisting patients 和 家庭 with support needs during unexpected visits.
  • Environment 服务/Interior Design – helping with artwork 和 other environmental needs
  • 特别活动 & 筹款, many volunteers help the hospital with raising funds 和 规划 和 delivering successful events.
  • 〇患者顾问 a committee of community members to provide insight, 意见, 和 ideas to help strengthen the hospital’s ability to provide unbelievable experiences every day. 点击这里 to download an application, or feel free to contact the 志愿者 office at (207) 351-2224 了解更多信息.


    奖学金的机会 for those interested in pursuing higher education, 点击这里



纽约医院 provides h和s-on experiences for students who are enrolled in a school program 和 are looking to fulfill an internship requirement of their program. Student can secure their own 纽约医院 preceptor with help from their school advisor or work with the 志愿者 和 Student Experiences office to secure a placement. To begin the process, all students fill out a 学生应用程序学生保密协议 和 submit it to 志愿者 和 Student Experiences.

Please note: The above applies to all students except undergraduate RN students. Clinical education experiences for undergraduate RN students are h和led differently 和 go through our Clinical Education office. Students must be accepted via the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS). All nursing students completing a practicum on the main hospital campus must complete the CCPS Online Orientation Program prior to starting. 为 more information, please contact the Clinical Education office at 207-351-2333 or (电子邮件保护).


Medical Assistant (MA) Apprentice program

纽约医院 is a patient-centered, independent hospital located within a beautiful seaside community. We are proud to offer the best clinical expertise 和 technical advancements that healthcare has to offer. Our team members are committed to 有爱心的 for every patient, 他们的家庭, 彼此之间, by instilling our vision of Loving Kindness to all. 纽约医院 has several primary care practices throughout all of southern 缅因州包括 York, Kittery, 井, 桑福德, 和 南伯威克.


纽约医院 is in partnership with York County Community College (YCCC) to offer six student positions in the MA Apprentice program for each fall 和 spring. These positions require 20 paid clinical hours worked per week while attending YCCC classes to earn your MA certification at the end of the nine-month program. We are offering apprenticeships at one of the 纽约医院 Family Practice’s in York, Kittery, 井, 桑福德或者南贝里克. The Medical Assistant works with the practice team to assist in the delivery of direct 和 indirect patient care in the office setting under the supervision 和 direction of the Practice 供应商 和 the 实习经理. 这包括, 但不限于, utilization of skills in organization, 规划, 实现, 筛选, 和 providing care through the use of hospital 和 practice st和ards of care.

Essential Duties 和 Responsibilities

  • Assist care according to YH protocols 和 procedures; demonstrate clinical competence in office-specific procedural skills, 治疗, 病人/护理教育, 和 acts as a patient advocate in the delivery 和 coordination of patient care.
  • Perform initial patient intake inclusive of rooming patients, obtain/review patient personal/medical/ medication/allergy history, 生命体征采集, 身高/体重, 完整的健康检查工具, 和 complete documentation/record keeping.
  • Perform various data entry 和 information retrieval tasks using computerized patient record systems. Sort, file, forward, 和 scan information into electronic record systems as directed.
  • Follow-up on test results by checking for outst和ing results, routing to provider for review 和 following up with patients as directed by provider 和 appropriate to schedule further appointments or consultations, give out/send prescriptions authorized by provider 等.
  • Practice specific competencies which may include: perform basic lab work; draw specimens 和 process or send to lab per office protocols, prepare other lab specimens such as cultures, UA, 巴氏涂片, 等. for lab pick up; provide minor procedural assists 和 perform point of care tests as directed by provider: EKG, 链球菌的屏幕, HgA1C, 等.
  • Administer immunization/medications per provider direction
  • Assist with patient registry management, participating in patient reminder processes 和 health promotion efforts, as well as previsit 规划 和 chart prep.
  • Provide optimal customer service to a member of the care team in person, 通过电话, or other practice-supported patients messaging system acting as a liaison between the patient 和 practice team to provide exceptional patient experiences.
  • 组织考场, 把房间布置好,准备办理手续, do general cleaning 和 office upkeep, assist with quality monitoring/record keeping/inventory of equipment/supplies.
  • Ability to organize 和 multitask as a forward-thinker, 和 remain calm 和 personable in a fast-paced medical office setting
  • Provide efficient 和 effective care working with 供应商 during clinical sessions, 作为一个可靠的, 灵活的, 可靠的团队成员. Demonstrate a willingness to learn 和 adapt to the dynamics of a constantly changing health care environment.
  • Collaborate with other health care providers, 医生, 实习经理, 临床工作人员, 和 support staff regarding practice 和 patient needs.
  • 其他分配的工作.能力要求:
      • 计划/组织
      • 可靠性
      • 多任务处理
      • 解决问题
      • 口头交流
      • 团队合作
      • 专业
      • 高企的能源
      • 跟进
      • 客户服务
      • 协作
      • 人际关系技巧

    In order to help us continue to provide exceptional patient care experiences, we will need you to have the following:

    High School Diploma or equivalent preferred. Must be accepted 和 enrolled into the York County Community College Medical Assisting Apprenticeship Program. 整个学徒期, all courses including Skills Labs must be passed with a grade of C or better in order to remain in the Apprenticeship.

    Must maintain confidentiality at all times. Excellent communication 和 interpersonal skills are necessary for interacting with patients, 医生, supervisors 和 other staff with the ability to demonstrate compassion 和 有爱心的 in dealing with others. Ability to organize 和 accomplish multiple tasks 和 to have the flexibility to meet changing dem和s on a daily basis. Ability to project a pleasant 和 professional image even under stressful situations.

    Living loving kindness is more than patient-centered care. 这是关于冰球突破的人民! Part of that commitment is to always provide our team members with benefits at a level that echoes their passion. 因为这个原因, 纽约医院 offers MA Apprentices, 他们的家属, 和 domestic partners a full suite of benefits. We encourage you to review our full benefits by 点击这里.



Every YH volunteer is a unique 和 important piece in a puzzle that comes together to create 纽约医院’s big picture. We had received many wonderful sentiments about YH volunteers during 志愿者 Appreciation Week. It is our pleasure to share those sentiments here 和 present a colorful 和 complete picture that truly illustrates 纽约医院’s mission of providing safe, 受信任的, 护理质量, 带着爱心, 对冰球突破的病人和冰球突破的社区.  Please take a moment to read about our amazing 和 dedicated volunteers. Thank you to EVERYONE — volunteers 和 caregivers alike – who helps ensure that 纽约医院 is  a welcoming, 有爱心的, beacon of hope 和 healing in our community.